Block cropping with Fieldfare Farmers

We create sustainable and consistent profits through cooperation between multiple farms. Each landowner grows a particular crop on their block of land so the costs and profits are combined and split amongst all. In doing so we spread our risk by growing different crops for different markets. A landowner is not gambling on growing 1 or 2 crops on their own year on year; they have a share of the profits and costs of up to 7 crops by working together.

We grow: feed and milling wheat, seed and feed barley, maize, spring oats, potatoes and oilseed rape. Rotations are kept simple, but are managed to ensure they are sustainable over the long term.

We strive for the highest yields and optimal profits through efficient use of seeds, fertilisers, sprays and fuel. With our block cropping partners we sample all our soils and zone each block of land by soil type to better manage seeds and fertiliser. We monitor each block via satellite to measure which areas of land require more attention and over time improve both fertility and yield. We plan over the long term rather than the short term to make sure we are as efficient and productive as we possible can be.

Block cropping benefits

  • With so many landowners leaving farming, block cropping can offer a realistic opportunity to stay and succeed whilst maintaining control of the farm.
  • Through cooperation we minimize risk and ensure that profits are consistent year on year.
  • We support our farmers, offering the benefits of our experience and technology. We want farms that work with us to succeed so we advise on effective estate and farm management.
  • We can help to improve efficiencies and monitor in real time how to improve the way you farm.
  • Landowners are involved throughout the year with regular meetings to discuss progress, cash flows and budgets.

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