Stubble to stubble with Fieldfare Farmers

If you are a landowner without modern machinery and or labour then a stubble-to-stubble contract faming agreement may be for you. We undertake all operations from ploughing to the application of nutrients and pesticides. We can help to reduce the costs of growing crops while creating better margins. We can offer harvesting drying and storage as well as helping the landowners to market the crop successfully.

With a stubble to stubble agreement we decide on the seeds and what crops to grow, and the landowner would pay for services as they go. We are happy to work with your agronomist or use our own. Through our services we can reduce the landowners logistical processes so you can still be the farmer while we take care of the rest. The landowner takes all of the profit from the sales of the crops, but has all of the risks that arable farming brings.

We have a proven history of improving soil conditions and as part of the contract we have comprehensive record keeping providing traceability. This also helps us to provide the best advice on crop rotation.

Our services include

  • Ploughing, Min till
  • Drilling and Rolling
  • Fertilising
  • Crop protection and spraying
  • Harvesting
  • Weighing, drying and storage
  • Marketing

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